All are welcome. Our weekly Sunday services at St. Paul UCC are “beyond belief,” focusing on bringing people closer to God as a community of God.

We have two services, one with a more traditional bent (8:30 a.m.) and the other (10:45 a.m.) more contemporary. Each service lasts approximately one hour and includes scripture reading, a sermon, songs and prayer. Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month and also at many of our special services throughout the year.

Come as you are. Many regular worship attendees look forward to dressing their best on Sunday mornings, but many also attend wearing jeans or other casual clothes. No matter what you want to wear, you are welcome.

Parking is not a problem. We have a large lot at the administrative entry to the church between Market (Illinois Route 3) and Main streets. In addition, we have other lots across from the church on First Street and on Market Street. The surrounding streets also offer ample parking opportunities.

We are accessible. Our large parking lot at the administrative entryway has multiple handicapped parking spots, as do First and Main streets. All entrances to the main church building are accessible. Once inside, the sanctuary is on the main floor and we have an elevator at the administrative entrance that can take you downstairs if needed.

We love kids. Kids are welcome in worship, and we have a “prayerground” in the sanctuary for them. However, if desired, nursery care is available for children up to two years old.

Coming Sunday, November 17 – Sheltered Reality at our 10:45 service

Sheltered Reality was founded in late 1996 as a non-profit organization using music and education to reach out to audiences motivating them to advocate for those in need. The messages that are presented focus on facts and real-life stories from members that culminate in character education and ideas for action. Topics include personal empowerment, success at living out life dreams, as well as anti-bullying and other negative impacts on today’s youth. This unique, percussive approach to performing challenges all to take what you love and share it, impacting others in a positive way. Participants learn drumming and choreography and have to participate in mission activities to qualify for membership.  SR is active at 24 sites in 8 states and their ministry reaches in to additional states across the Midwest.  Come and enjoy some lively music, an inspirational message and affirmation that the youth of today are doing great things!