Our missions at St. Paul UCC are “beyond belief” and are based on the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, that His disciples spread His teachings to all the world.

In order to spread His teachings to the world, to our communities, we must build relationships with those communities. Service to our communities helps build those relationships. Through scripture we also know that, in order to truly serve God, we must be in service with others.

Here at St. Paul UCC we have many mission opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.

St. Paul UCC Missions Update

Our August mission is the Waterloo Churches Help Network.  The Churches Help Network came into being with the local churches in 1997.  Originally, people were going from church to church seeking help and asking for the same things from all churches.  The churches then formed the network to make sure they could keep records of whom was being helped, with how much and how often they received help.  They formed rules for helping people in the community.  We still keep records to make sure some people do not take advantage of the churches.  The House of Neighborly Service, St. Vincent DePaul and the Churches Help Network work together in the community to help those in need of assistance.

We are asking for monetary support for the Churches Help Network so that it may continue the work it has done for the last twenty plus years. As always, the Mission Committee says “Thank you!”

Food Pantry August theme:  Back to School!  Items include peanut butter (16 oz. or 28 oz.), jelly, honey, crackers, soups, Velveeta cheese, spaghetti sauce, dry pastas, cereals, canned pasta, Cup of Noodles (Ramen), Manwich, pancake mixes, syrup, brownie mixes, graham crackers, packaged cookies