Our missions at St. Paul UCC are “beyond belief” and are based on the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, that His disciples spread His teachings to all the world.

In order to spread His teachings to the world, to our communities, we must build relationships with those communities. Service to our communities helps build those relationships. Through scripture we also know that, in order to truly serve God, we must be in service with others.

Here at St. Paul UCC we have many mission opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.

St. Paul UCC Missions Update

April’s Mission Project:  Athlone High School, Cape Town, South Africa
The high school education we take for granted is not a guarantee for students living on the Cape Town Flats of South Africa.  Government funding formulas often leave schools in economically deprived areas under funded, making it necessary for schools to pass on those fees to prospective students.  The combination of these tuition fees, books and transportation costs mean some students are left without a chance for a secondary or high school education.  The Athlone High School Alumni Board has established a scholarship fund to give these students a chance for a better future.  Applicants for these scholarships must meet both academic and economic need criteria.  In 2017 your generous support enabled five students to receive high school scholarships, and you helped our Mission Committee meet one of its goals—to include an international mission among its yearly mission ministries.  We hope you will again support the Athlone High School Scholarship Fund during the month of April as a part of your monthly mission giving, and we thank you for your faithful mission support.

April Food Pantry:  Flowers, rain, earth—familiar spring smells; find with your nose those yummy spices they sell!