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Jesus often shared meals during his ministry.

One particular meal was at the home of Martha and her sister, Mary. While Martha was busy with the meal preparations, Mary was reveling in the teachings of Jesus. Martha became frustrated with Jesus for captivating Mary so much that she forgot to help her in the kitchen. Jesus replied to Martha that Mary had made the right choice in listening to his lessons rather than working in the kitchen!

Thus the name for one of our most important ministries at St. Paul UCC: Martha’s Kitchen/Mary’s Heart. A weekly, free community meal held at 6 p.m. EVERY Monday, Martha’s Kitchen/Mary’s Heart is often attended by up to 50 diners. Some of our dinner guests come for fellowship because they are alone, others come because money is a little tight and others may come for different reasons.

Regardless of what brings them here, everyone in the community is welcome at any time.

Our dining guests need you. Organizations, both church and community, provide the meals and volunteers to assist in serving our dining family each week. If your organization is interested in participating in this important ministry, please sign up for available dates or contact the church office for more details.  Attached are guidelines for hosting a meal.