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Molding and equipping the new generation of Christians is an integral part of our ministry at St. Paul UCC.

We have many fantastic opportunities in which young people, inside and outside of our congregation, can participate. All programming is geared toward getting kids involved while learning about and growing in their faith.


For one week each summer, the halls of St. Paul UCC are filled with the joyous sounds of 100 or so children attending Vacation Bible School (VBS). Youth will begin their VBS day with the daily opening ceremony and then move into their individual age-appropriate groups to learn stories of our faith and how to relate these stories to their everyday life. While in their smaller groups, VBS children rotate through different workshops to learn the lesson of the day.

VBS will return in May/June 2020!


If your child is interested in join the St. Paul Children’s Choir please let Jill know (jill@stpaulonline.org). The group rehearses on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 5:15 when school is in session (after Labor Day) under the direction of Joey Kurtz. This group meets in an alternating monthly schedule with the Intergenerational Chime Choir.

Children (and adults) are invited to join the Intergenerational Chime Choir which meets (under the direction of Joey Kurtz) in lieu of Children’s Choir every other month.


SPLASH, or St. Paul After School Hours, is an amazing after-school Christian education program. Not only does SPLASH offer Christian education, but also fine arts, music, snack and recreation. Time is also set aside for homework. First through fifth graders are welcome to attend SPLASH. SPLASH meets from 2:30-5:30 p.m. every Wednesday from Sept. 4- April 29. (SPLASH will not meet November 27,  during Christmas break [December 25 and January 1] or April 8.)

For more information please contact Jill Mayer.

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Sunday school class for preschoolers is held during the Christian Education time between the 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday church services.

During Sunday School, preschoolers participate in age-appropriate activities and learn basic Bible stories, and also have time for free play. They have their own classroom in the basement of the New Addition and are taught by seasoned teachers, all with lots of love!

For more information please contact Jill Mayer.

Kindergartners through Third Graders
Kindergartners, first, second and third graders also attend Sunday School during the Christian Education time (9:45 to 10:30) between the Sunday church services.

We are currently using the Deep Blue Sunday School curriculum. This year’s theme is Family so the stories focus on the role of families (siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, foster families, church families, etc.) and what we can learn about God from these close relationships.

For more information please contact Jill Mayer.

Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth Graders
These youth meet together to begin preparing for their upcoming Confirmation classes (which will begin in seventh or eighth grade in Fall 2019). This class meets in Parish Hall during the Christian Education time (9:45 to 10:30 am) between services.

For more information please contact Jill Mayer.

Junior High Students (7th & 8th Grade)
Our junior high students when not active in the Sunday morning confirmation class can choose to either help assist in one of the Sunday school classes or attend an adult education class during the Christian Education Time (9:45 to 10:30 am).

For more information please contact Jill Mayer.

High School Students
Our high school students can choose to either help assist in one of the Sunday school classes or attend an adult education class during the Christian Education Time (9:45 to 10:30 am).



What is Confirmation?

“A person is incorporated into the universal church, the body of Christ, through the sacrament of baptism. When an infant or very young child is baptized, the baptismal promises are made by one or more parents and/or sponsors. These adult Christians assume certain responsibilities for the Christian nurture of the baptized child. Those who consent to this ministry of nurture are members in good standing of a Christian church in order that they may honor their promises fully. The entire congregation also assumes the role of sponsors as its members promise to provide a supportive Christian community in which a child may grow in awareness and understanding concerning the meaning of life in Christ.

As a child who was baptized in infancy approaches adolescence, the local church offers that person the opportunity to give public assent to the baptismal promises. Confirmation celebrates this occasion of affirmation of baptism in the life of the individual and of the local church.

Before a service of confirmation is scheduled, the appropriate leaders of the local church shall be satisfied that the participants have been instructed properly in the Christian faith and personally desire to affirm their baptism . . .” ​The Book of Worship United Church of Christ, p 145.

A Look at Our Newly Revised Confirmation Program

Based on conversations with church families and youth we learned that while there is a desire for a confirmation course at St. Paul UCC (STPUCC), there are concerns about the ability of 21st century families and youth to commit to a traditional course with months of church and non-­church day meetings and classes. So rather than not hold confirmation, we re­thought confirmation and decided to try a model similar to on­line education, where some of the work takes place in the brick and mortar building, and some of it can be done at home at the student’s own pace. Consequently, the plan is to provide: a mixture of lay and clergy classes during Christian Education time on Sunday mornings; time with the pastor; involvement in worship; exposure to experiences of God in other places; exposure to justice issues; community service work; home study; and connections with an adult mentor.

The STPUCC Confirmation Course is meant to be both challenging and fun while providing opportunities for fellowship, connections with adults and clergy, and education about God, the Bible, Church history, Christian values and the Christian faith. In short, this is an opportunity for youth and young adults to participate in a new uniquely designed confirmation class which allows a combination of at church, at home and out in the community activities to add up to completion of confirmation as each teen and their family’s schedules permit.

What we’ve done is create a list of fifteen areas of assignment which any youth in grade 7 to 12 may sign up and commit to satisfactorily complete. A youth studying for confirmation is called a “confirmand.” Each confirmand and their parent/guardian must sign the “Commitment to be a Confirmand” page at the end of the booklet, tear it out and provide it to the pastor or Director of Christian Education & Faith Formation. All assignments need to be performed after the signed “Commitment to be a Confirmand” is received. Each confirmand will be assigned an adult mentor for help, guidance and a new adult connection in the community and for a minimum of five meetings.

Confirmands and parents/guardians are responsible for accurately keeping track of progress through the program, making sure all forms and requirements are satisfactorily completed to the pastor’s satisfaction before a confirmand is invited to be confirmed in the annual Confirmation service held each May.

You can download the Confirmation Outline by opening this pdf: Confirmation Outline 2019


Instilling a sense of belonging to St. Paul UCC and the wider Christian church is the goal of the St. Paul UCC youth fellowship. Young people from all faiths in our community are welcome to participate in fun activities and meaningful missions. All programming is intended to teach youth what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.

Junior High Youth
Sixth through eighth graders get together on Sunday evenings during the school year for the three Fs: Fun, fellowship and food! Meet in the Teen Room in the Parish Hall from 5:30-7 p.m. For more information, contact Jill Mayer.

Senior High Youth
Young adults in high school gather at 7:oo p.m. on Sundays in the Parish Hall each week while school is in session. Their time together includes learning, service and encouraging each other in their Christian faith.  For more information, please contact Jill Mayer.