At St. Paul UCC we believe that regular and intentional giving is “beyond belief.”

We give gratefully in recognition that everything we have is a gift from God. We give joyfully in order that others may experience God’s love through the ministries of the church. By regular and intentional giving, we go “beyond belief” by expressing our thankfulness to God and our deep desire to share the good news of God’s love.

There are several ways in order to give in support God’s work through St. Paul UCC.

In Worship

Make your giving a part of your worship by placing a check or cash in the offering plate on Sunday mornings.

Automatically Via Bank

We would like to encourage those who give or would like to give regularly to St. Paul UCC to set up a payment through your bank’s online bill paying service. This is a great option because it is efficient and an easy way to make giving a regular part of your life.

Download the Direct Debit Form


Click here to give online.  You can also give online through paypal in support of God’s church. A one-time gift and a recurring gift option is available.

Gifts of Securities

Non-cash gifts of stocks or bonds can provide great tax benefits to the donor while providing support to St. Paul UCC’s ministries. For instructions in making a gift of securities, please contact Linda in the church office.

We give not because we have to, but as a way to worship God and spread His love. We can never repay God for all that He has done for us, so please prayerfully and thoughtfully consider this truth when making your giving decisions.

Regardless of your gift, you are loved and appreciated “beyond belief.”