We at St. Paul UCC believe that God’s grace comes to us the moment we are born. The sacrament of baptism claims us anew in the grace of Jesus Christ. Each baptism into the church is a celebration and we are honored to be with you as you consider baptism for yourself or your child.

As part of the preparation for baptism, we encourage you to take part in a brief baptismal primer before being baptized or having your child baptized. We believe it is important for you to learn the Biblical basis of baptism and understand what it means that you or your child will become baptized members of the Christian church.

Baptism is offered for any person regardless of age. Most baptisms occur during one of our two worship services. Our pastors will work with you to choose a mutually convenient date and time. To discuss baptism further, please contact the Church Office.


St. Paul UCC is thrilled to learn that you have become engaged to be married! We are anxious to help you make your wedding day a special day to remember. The rite of marriage in the Christian church is a sacred one and we are excited that you are considering holding your wedding ceremony at St. Paul UCC.

Due to our Sunday worship services, we do not hold weddings on Sundays and Saturday weddings may not start later than 4 pm. Friday weddings are also an option. We charge a nominal fee for custodial services for the use of our sanctuary. Rehearsals are typically the evening before the wedding ceremony.

Weddings at St. Paul UCC will be officiated by our pastors or clergy agreed upon by our pastors. We also have organists that may be available depending on their schedule. All couples planning to be married at St. Paul UCC are required to complete a marriage preparation class before their wedding.

For more information and to reserve your wedding date, please contact the Church Office.