Pastor Search

St. Paul UCC is blessed for Rev. Mike Southcombe, for its staff, committees, Consistory and congregational members who contributed to The Local Church Profile that will be shared with pastor candidates and for those who stepped forward and applied to be part of a Search Committee seeking a settled pastor. 

The Consistory is pleased to announce that Erich Albers, Yvonne Dehner, Doris England, James Kurtz, Collin Moore, Alaina Scherle and Marilyn Weber have been selected. They will meet with Rev. Shana Johnson in early November for orientation to the process and the resources they will be using. 

Please keep each of them in your prayers. They have an exciting, challenging task as they look at the future of St. Paul and the pastor to help lead the way.

Barb Wagner, Consistory President

Search Committee

We are seeking 7 (seven) Search Committee members with a passionate commitment to St. Paul United Church of Christ, Waterloo as reflected by their:

  • Regular worship attendance and financial support
  • Past or present involvement with areas of church life such as:
  • Consistory leadership
  • Christian Education
  • Mission Projects
  • Music Ministry
  • Church Social Groups
  •  Positive Attitude with no outstanding grudges
  • Open-mindedness instead of a pre-determined agenda
  • Sense of integrity and respect for others

The importance of this work requires each member to make the Search Committee a high priority in the following ways:

  • A  FAITH  commitment:  Regular prayer and listening to God’s “still small voice” during meetings, while reviewing profiles and interviewing candidates.
  • A TIME commitment: Initially meeting weekly, then as often as needed to review profiles, schedule interviews and travel to hear the candidates preach.
  • A CONFIDENTIALITY commitment:  Never to talk about the specifics of their work outside of the Committee, including the sharing of candidates’ names or speaking in generalities about candidates location, experience, or gender.  Use a personal, confidential email to receive and send candidate information to Committee members.
  • A CONSENSUS commitment:   Members need to be of one mind in recommending a prospective pastor.  All must be able, with a clear and positive conscience, to support and endorse the individual presented to the congregation.

Please click here to complete an application and turn into the church office by September 8.  Thank you.   Selection of applicants will be notified by Consistory.