St. Paul UCC is community focused. People matter to us. Throughout its history St. Paul has been in the forefront working to make a positive difference in our community.

We founded the first public school in Waterloo in the mid-19th century. And we have continued that tradition of community service and engagement right through to the present day, now calling together other local churches, service clubs and service agencies, working with City Hall and the Waterloo School District to form the House of Neighborly Service as a place to help local folks coordinate assistance to those who have fallen on hard times or landed in between the cracks of our social safety net.

St. Paul has consistently taken the lead in extending a helping hand up. Our free Monday night community meal is just one more expression of our commitment to meet needs and serve our community.

St. Paul has also been active, regionally and internationally, in mission, from helping to create and maintain a preschool in East St. Louis to building habitat houses in Ecuador, along with putting together a number of compassionate mission trips to places around the country recovering from natural disasters.

The vision of St. Paul is to be a church that is “beyond belief” and the goal of St. Paul is to become an open and welcoming spiritual home for all, raising passionately compassionate people, aimed at transforming the world.

So come join us! Whether you need a place where you feel valued and embraced … or whether you want to change the world … there is a place for you here.